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10 Days Jiuzhaigou/Munigou/Luobo Village/Leshan/Mt Emei [SCJ0]
10 Days Jiuzhaigou/Munigou/Luobo Village/Leshan/Mt Emei  [SCJ0]

Wangjianglou Park, Sansheng Flower Village, Sichuan Cuisine Museum, Baoguang Temple, Luodai Ancient Town, Jinli Cultural Street, Chunxi Road


Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area


Munigou Scenic Area


Luobo Village

Giant Buddha (Cruise to view), Jiangkou Han Tombs

Golden Summit (by cable car), Emeishan Trimeresurus Stejnegeri Ecological Ming Garden


Sichuan Snack, Qiang Cuisine, Leshan Xiba Beancurd, Steamboat


JIUZHAIGOU: Choice of 2 nights stay at
5-star “Jiuzhai Paradise Hotel” (selected
departures only)

Day 1 Singapore - Chengdu - Maoxian
Your trip starts with a pleasant flight to Chengdu, the capital city of most populated province in China, a no-night, full-life city hustling – bustling with people and tourists energized by its world famous cuisines. Your first stop in Chengdu is Wangjianglou Park. It’s a historic site in memory of Xue Tao, a female poet of the Tang Dynasty as well as a famous scenic spot. Then you will be arranged to visit the place to see how the famous Sichuan Embroidery is made.
Day 2 Maoxian - Songpan - Jiuzhaigou
Continue your journey to Jiuzhaigou. On the way, take a far sight view of Diexihaizi, a lake formed by the great earthquake in Diexi in 1933 and Songpan Ancient Town. Upon arrival in Jiuzhaigou, check in the hotel.
Note: Passengers on domestic flight to Jiuzhaigou will stay overnight in Chengdu on Day 1 and take a domestic flight to Jiuzhaigou after breakfast on Day 2. Upon arrival in Jiuzhaigou, passengers will join tour who will travel to Jiuzhaigou by coach. Hence, passengers on domestic flight will not enjoy the abovementioned Diexihaizi and Songpan Ancient Town sightseeing.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 3 Jiuzhaigou (Charter Coach on your own)
After a good rest and breakfast, start your Jiuzhaigou tour immediately. The name Jiuzhaigou came from nine Tibetan villages scattered throughout the valley. With majestic and unrivalled emerald lakes, layered waterfalls, colourful forests, snow peaks and Tibetan folk villages, all blending in harmony with each other – it is nature’s jewel set into the mountains. Tonight, stay in the same hotel.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 4 Jiuzhaigou - Munigou - Maoxian
After breakfast proceed to Munigou Scenic Area. It’s located in the south-west of Songpan town, occupying an area of 160 square kilometres, with its latitude ranging from 2800 metres to 4070 metres. The yearly temperature is a mild of 4 degree centigrade. Its beautiful lakes are comparable to Jiuzhagou’s, while its waterfalls are as beautiful as Huanglong’s. Arrive at Maoxian in the evening.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 5 Maoxian - Luobo Village - Chengdu
In the morning, transport to the Number 1 Qiang’s Village – Luobo Village. It is the largest and oldest Qiang Village built with yellow mud. You will have Qiang’s Cuisine for lunch. In the evening, enjoy the famous Sichuan Snack for dinner. Tonight, we will watch the musical “Jinsha”, inspired by the archaeological discovery in Jinsha that unearthed bronze and other artefacts. It is rather difficult to get tickets to this musical that has taken the world by storm. It was previously performed at the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay in Singapore.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 6 Chengdu - Leshan - Mt. Emei
In the morning, take the coach to visit the One-Thousand-Buddha Cliff, which houses over 2000 masterpiece of stone Buddha carvings. Then continue to travel to Leshan. Leshan Giant Buddha, the largest stone sculpture of Buddha in the world, sits at the confluence of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers. Take a Cruise to view this Buddha and thereafter, the famous Leshan Xiba Beancurd will be offered in your lunch. In the afternoon, proceed to Mt. Emei, one of the four sacred Buddhist Mountains in China. Ever since the introduction of Buddhism into China in the 1st century AD, Buddhist buildings have been built on the mountain. Now there are more than one hundred temples and monasteries. It is known as the place of Buddhist Rites of Puxian.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 7 Mt. Emei - Meishan City
After breakfast, take a cable car to the Golden Summit. It is 3077 meters above sea level, and is located at the highest part of Mt. Emei. The whole area is covered by basalt formed by condensed magma that gushed out of the ground 200 million years ago. The Ten Thousand Buddha Peak is located at the highest peak of Mt.Emei. It offers wonderful views vast expanses of clouds. There are ten thousand of Buddha Sculptures and Giant Bells stationed inside. You’ll spent the night at Meishan City.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 8 Meishan City - Chengdu
In the morning, coach to Jiangkou Town, Jiangkou Han Tombs is the great Han Dynasty Tombs Group. The brick tombs are in all kinds of shapes. Archaeologists discovered that the earth around these tombs had been pounced and were also carved with fine patterns of net strings; rhombus and animals even unearthed a large number of pottery utensils in the early Eastern Han Dynasty. Then visit the Bamboo Craftwork Park to enjoy the varieties of bamboo’s art work and crafts. Thereafter, return to Chengdu. Upon arrive at Chengdu, enjoy the famous Sichuan Steamboat for dinner.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 9 Chengdu - Luodai Ancient Town - Xingfu Meilin
In the morning, proceed to Luodai Ancient Town. It’s the first Hakka town in West Sichuan, 85% residents here is Hakka. Take a pleasant walk along the amazing streets there, which are of typical Qin Dynastay style. You can also buy yourself a variety of famous local snacks. After that, visit the Wenshu Monastery and Wenshu Street. In the afternoon, proceed to Xingfu Meilin. It is located at south of ChengLong Road, east of Shisheng Road.The name of this garden derived its tradition of planting plum trees in Village of Happiness. The total area covers land of 3000 mu. There are 20 varieties of plum with 200,000 plum tress. So it is also regarded as China’s Wonder Land of Plum, where you can experience local culture of Chengdu. Next visit the Jinli Cultural Street.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 10 Chengdu - Singapore
After breakfast, you can go to Chunxi Road for some last minute shopping. Enjoy the Herbal Cuisine for lunch before your transfer to the airport for your flight back to Singapore. We hope you have enjoyed your vacation with Batam Indah Tour & Travel.
* Due to unforeseen circumstances, the sequence of itinerary may subject to changes without prior notice

Note: Actual sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice. In the event of discrepancy between Chinese and English itineraries, refer to the former.

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